3D Brawler Arms Gets New Character, Release Date

3D Brawler Arms Gets New Character, Release Date

In its stream today, Nintendo revealed more details about upcoming fighting game Arms, including the title's official release date of June 16.

Narrated by the in-game commentator Biff, the trailer showed new glove types, including the icy Chilla and multi-shot Tribolt weapons, as well as providing glimpses of previously unseen stages. One of these arenas belongs to the newly-announced Minmin, a character sporting a noodle-based aesthetic whose special abilities are deflecting enemy attacks with kicks and transforming her left arm into a laser-spewing dragon.

The trailer also included gameplay footage of a battle between Minmin and Springman and announced two new game modes: a two-on-two team battle as well as a special mode for earning coins, which are used to purchase more kinds of arms for battle.

Check out the previous weapon and character trailers for Arms and stay tuned for more Nintendo-related news as the Nintendo Direct stream continues.

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