Capcom Announces Puzzle Fighter Sequel For Mobile

Capcom Announces Puzzle Fighter Sequel For Mobile

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo was a beloved tile-matching puzzle video game that released in arcades and the original PlayStation in the ‘90s. If you know someone who’s a fan, they probably won’t shut up about it. Now they have something new to talk about.

Capcom is bringing the next iteration in the Puzzle Fighter series to iOS and Android devices later this year. Players will be able to assemble a team of their favorite Capcom characters from the Street Fighter series, as well as challengers from franchises like Mega Man X, Dead Rising, and Devil May Cry, and they lay the smack down on piles of bricks. Payers will challenge other players online in real-time battles and unlock new characters and costumes as they climb the international leaderboards.

Check out the gameplay and characters trailers below.

Out Take
While we’re a little skeptical about how this game will control on phones, moving Puzzle Fighter over to the mobile market seems like a good business move. Maybe if it’s successful enough, we’ll also see a console release.

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