Cooperative Play Is Coming To Clash Royale

In the year Clash Royale has been on the market, the focus has always been on 1v1 battles. Players are encouraged to join clans, but the interaction has been limited to trading cards and working together collectively to earn points to open chests. In an forthcoming update, we're finally get the chance to fight side-by-side with our friends.

On this week's Radio Royale podcast, Supercell announced an "outrageous new game mode" called Clan Battle. Effectively a 2v2 team battle mode, you and a member from your clan can team up to take on two players from a different clan. The game board looks similar to the 1v1 game, but two kings now preside over each base. Each player has their own cards and elixir meter to manage. Since both players are dropping troops and units onto the battlefield at the same time, the elixir meters replenish15 percent slower than usual. At the beginning of the game you'll get a look at your partner's deck, but you won't see his or her meter on screen during play. The only way you can communicate mid-game is by dragging a card onto the battlefield and holding it, so your teammate can see what lane you are attacking or defending. The elixir collector will only accelerate your meter, but buffs such as Rage hit both players' cards.

The screenshot below shows just how chaotic this mode will be. No release date has been given, but Supercell is already talking about how to expand upon it for clan tournaments and eSports. On a different note, is that a new troop type hiding behind the Royal Giant?

Cooperative Play Is Coming To Clash Royale

Our Take
Clash Royale is still played daily by many Game Informer staffers, and we've long been waiting for a mode that let the clan play together. We didn't expect a cooperative team battle mode quite like this, but we can't wait to check it out.

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