First Look At Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris, Release Date Revealed

First Look At Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris, Release Date Revealed

A new trailer gives us a first look at Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris. Previously announced several weeks ago, the trailer provides some more context about the storyline of the expansion. We learn that in the midst of the conflicts seen in the base game, the Vex has been building up their forces on Mercury. A notorious Warlock named Osiris (first referenced in the Trials of Osiris from the original Destiny) knows something about what the Vex are up to, but he’s lost on Mercury.

It’s clear that the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, is set to play an important role in the storyline, as she is one of Osiris’ former pupils. The video also gives us a closer look at Osiris and his Ghost for the first time. The Ghost is particularly interesting, as it has a shape that’s different from other Ghosts we’ve seen in Destiny up to this point, and seems actively involved in the combat scenes of the trailer as Osiris fights against a swarming army of Vex. Finally, the trailer gives us a good look at some of the cool locations on Mercury that Guardians get a chance to visit.

Curse of Osiris is coming sooner than many Destiny 2 players may have thought; the game launches on December 5.

At the end of the trailer, we also see a very brief glimpse of the Expansion Pass cover art for both Curse of Osiris and an as-yet-unnamed expansion promised for Spring 2018.

Enjoy the trailer below.

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