For Honor Could Be The Next Big Ubisoft Franchise

For Honor successfully delivers on promise of offering casual and competitive players a hardcore fantasy action game that’s unique to the genre and console generation.

Imagine a Samurai fighting a Viking or a heavily armored Knight. These iconic medieval factions come together in the fictional fantasy setting of Ubisoft’s brand new game and franchise starter, For Honor. And it does with so a lot of cool ideas and visuals once players get over the relatively steep learning curve and tutorials.

For Honor, like many of Ubisoft’s flagship franchises, has something for everyone. It features an enjoyable story campaign (that can be played co-op with two players) with memorable battles and heroes that helps introduce players to the many different types of characters, weapons, perks, abilities, and fighting styles, and pits them in the middle of all sorts of different skirmishes and combat scenarios.

And on the multiplayer front – the real focus of the …
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