For Honor Gets Dedicated Servers And More In Content Roadmap

For Honor Gets Dedicated Servers And More In Content Roadmap

Ubisoft revealed plans today for seasons three and four of For Honor, its weapon-based fighting game that launched earlier this year.

To improve stability and connection, For Honor is moving from its heavily connection-dependent peer-to-peer system to dedicated servers. Ideally, this should allow online players to fight on even ground when it comes to timing their strikes and parries, which is the fundamental basis for the fighting system.

Ubisoft is also promising a new tutorial for the game, more new heroes, and new game modes (such as an eight-player 4v4 mode) coming in the next two competitive seasons.

This is the first announcement of content updates for For Honor since director Jason VandenBerghe left Ubisoft for Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet earlier this month.

More information on prospective changes, balancing, and insight into creating season content for For Honor can be found on Ubisoft's blog.

[Source: Ubisoft Blog]

Our Take
Competitive For Honor has been a roller coaster of server issues and initial excitement fading into disappointment. If Ubisoft wants to foster a community, and perhaps even push the game as an esport, dedicated servers will probably go a long way to helping. It won't solve everything, but it sounds like they understand what needs to improve.

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