I would love to see Platinum Games take on Base Wars

Base Wars

With an outstanding score on Metacritic and a 9/10 from our own Chris Carter, NieR: Automata has proven once again that Platinum Games is one of the best developers in the game today. So much so that seemingly every time people talk about Platinum Games, they talk about what properties they want it to tackle next. I’m sure we all have a game we’d love to see it make, like a good TMNT title, but for me, I can’t help but wonder what a Platinum Games developed Base Wars game would be like.

If you don’t know what Cyber Stadium Series: Base Wars is, I feel sorry for you. Released in the later years of the NES, it’s a baseball game starring robots that fight each other. Close call at home plate? Fight it out! Caught trying to steal second? Fight it out! I don’t play baseball games because baseball is just so awful, but you can bet your ass I would if instead of being called out at first, I had a chance to fight a robot to the death to decide the call.

With its limited NES graphics capabilities, the action of Base Wars was rudimentary. There were only four robot models, and while they could be upgraded, every fight pretty much felt the same. It was also wickedly unbalanced if you were armed with a gun. But put that concept in the hands of Platinum Games, and you have a chance to make something magnificent. Imagine stealing home and initiating a massive, visually spectacular fight with the catcher, where the two of you end up in dugouts or in the stands. Imagine getting beaned by a pitch and being able to return. Imagine a bench-clearing brawl that pits you against nine, supped up robots at once. The more I think about the possibilities, the more I laugh at how perfect the idea seems.

As one of the 18 people who bought Infinite Space, a part of me wants Platinum Games to branch out from the action genre it’s been pigeonholed in. But the part of me that thinks Bayonetta 2 is one of the greatest games ever made knows that keeping the developer doing what it does best is the way forward. A Platinum Games developed Base Wars is perfect, and something tells me the rest of the Destructoid staff isn’t imaginative enough to come up with an idea as good as that.

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