Iconoclasts dev on finally finishing the game: ‘I feel nothing’

Iconoclasts has been in development in one form or another for ten years now. Back in 2007, it was called Ivory Springs. That version of the game was never finished, but you can download it as a work in progress over on the developer's website.

Then in 2011, work started on a "remake" of Ivory Springs called Iconoclasts. The basic story and scenario were the same, but the graphics were totally overhauled, as were many of the game's mechanics, I use the term mechanics literally here, as Robin, the star of Iconoclasts, uses a giant wrench as both a tool and a weapon. You should also note that she has a wrench-shaped bun in her hair that looks just like the wrench she carries. It makes sense, seeing as Konjak, her game's sole developer, has been retooling this adventure for about 1/3 of his life.

It also makes sense that he doesn't feel a lot about his creative process at this point. When asked how he feels about finally being done with making Iconoclasts, he said "I feel nothing. It's not really done until it's out there and people are playing it. This time now is just waiting. Nothing exciting about that." I think when this waiting period is over, Konjak will be very happy. People are going to love this game.

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