Skullgirls Mobile Arrives May 25

Skullgirls Mobile Arrives May 25

The popular fighting game Skullgirls is headed to mobile on May 25. The fighting core will remain intact, the game won't be turning into a match three or puzzle game in the jump to tablets and phones. That said, the announcement does declare that it can be enjoyed by anyone, which means that the mechanics probably won't be as intense or demanding as other versions of the game.

Our Take
I've always found fighting-style games on mobile to be challenging to get into, as the mix of tapping and swiping doesn't really resonate with me like punching in a Hadouken on a joypad. That said, I'm curious to see just what Skullgirls will look like – and play like – on phones and tablets. Apparently I won't have to wait too long to find out!

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