Street Fighter IV Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

The list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles for Xbox One continues to grow today with the inclusion of Street Fighter IV, Luxor 2, Poker Smash, and Madballs in: Babo Invasion. The update comes courtesy of Major Nelseon, who posted the news on Twitter earlier today.

STREET FIGHTER IV, Luxor 2, Poker Smash & Madballs Babo:Invasion are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today

— Larry Hryb 💬 (@majornelson) March 16, 2017

The big get here is, obviously, Street Fighter IV, but it's a bit of a letdown that it's the original 2009 version of the game, and not 2014's overhauled iteration, Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Luxor 2 and Poker Smash (despite its title making it seem like a card-playing simulator) are charming puzzle titles, and Madballs revives the 1980s rubber ball toy line as a top-down shooter.

See the full list of Backwards Compatible games here.

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