The internet really wants Destiny 2 to be named ‘Des2ny’

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Bungie finally revealed that a sequel to Destiny is on its way, after months of vague promises that a follow-up to the popular shooter was in development. After posters pointing to the game’s September release leaked last week, the developer unveiled the first image of Destiny 2 — which, to social media’s chagrin, is named Destiny 2.

Why is this a problem? Because, according to tons of Twitter-using fans, there’s a much better name for the sequel that was sitting right in front of Bungie’s face this whole time: Des2ny.

They shoulda called it Des2ny

— Steve Kim (@Fobwashed) March 27, 2017

My only take on Destiny 2 is they should have called it Des2ny.

— Damn Silly (@AndyCMills) March 27, 2017

Should have been Des2ny

— Alex Calvin (@_AlexCalvin) March 27, 2017

Should have called it Des2ny. Fucked it.

— Christian Doyle (@SamuraiRabbit) March 27, 2017

Seems like people are upset it isn't called #Des2ny

— WhiteSilhouette (@WhiteSilhouette) March 27, 2017

If Bungie were so inclined, it could have even gone with the classier Roman numerals, per this suggestion:

@SamitSarkar Should have called it DestIIny.

— Steve McPherson (@steventurous) March 27, 2017

Considering that it’s both a gimmicky, goofy name and would likely be pronounced “Destoony,” it’s not surprising that Bungie didn’t go with that much catchier title. But it’s obvious that Destiny 2 isn’t the most creative name the studio could have chosen for the hotly anticipated sequel, so Twitter is picking up Bungie’s slack.

We’re also fans of these other alternative names, especially the genius Destiny’s Child. (Get it? If not, please familiarize yourself with this video and then come back.)

Great Destiny Sequel names
Destiny's Child
Destiny: The Two Towers
Destiny II
Destiny: Time to Explain

— Goggles(HVC) (@Gawghels) March 24, 2017

DestiNi … Ni is Japanese for two.
… please think I'm cool.

— Jeffrey Grubb (@JeffGrubb) March 27, 2017

I would've gone with Dostiny but ok

— Michael McWhertor (@MikeMcWhertor) March 27, 2017

The very last one here is particularly inspired:

— Seria Mau Genlicher (@kshipwhitecat) March 27, 2017

Bungie isn’t the only developer to miss this golden naming opportunity. Nintendo is also at fault for not calling Splatoon 2 the much more styling Spla2n.

They should have called it Spla2n. Or SplaTwooon

— Alx Preston (@HeartMachineZ) March 25, 2017

2017’s latest trend may just be an unquenched thirst for obvious puns. There’s still plenty of time left for at least one studio to get it right this year, however — but we’ll continue to be frustrated by the Des2ny, Spla2n and Middle-earth: Shadow of 2dor that could have been.

2003: ugh, putting numbers in titles is the absolute worst

— Matt Kessler (@MattBodega) March 27, 2017

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