[Update] Shoryuken Forums Switching Hosts, Will Live On At The End Of January

[Update] Shoryuken Forums Switching Hosts, Will Live On At The End Of January

Update 1/11/18: After an outpouring of fan reaction, Shoryuken co-founder Tom Cannon has announced the forums will migrate its services to forum platform Discourse instead of shutting down.

The switch to Discourse will not only reduce the costs of maintaining the forums (the key reason the forums were going to be shut down in the first place), but also let the forums include new features like infinite scrolling, the removal of ads, and "Perks for users who support the site through Patreon," according to Cannon.

Cannon did not announce an official date for when the forums would migrate, but assuming the original deadline for the closing was the end of January, it's possible that's when the switch will occur. "We’re working now with the team Discourse on a transition plan," Cannon said. "The goal is to migrate over with little to no downtime."

Original Story: Shoryuken, long known as the premier website for fighting game discussion, has announced that they will be closing their forums at the end of January due to decreased usage.

The website and community are likely best known for the genesis of the Evolution fighting game tournament, also known as EVO, which started in 1996. The community that has grown out of SRK is dedicated to discussing, learning, and mastering fighting games and tried to encourage a welcoming atmosphere to teach new players.

The announcement today acknowledges that a dedicated genre forum is strange to have in a world with subreddits, streaming, Youtube, and social media. To allow people time to archive content from the forum, it is being kept open until the end of the month. It is unlikely that this affects Shoryuken as a news site or EVO.

Our Take
With major fighting games coming out this month, hopefully the community lands on its feet and finds places to regroup.

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