Watch Arms’ Zany Crew Spring Into Action

Arms is not your typical boxing league. Fighters sport spring-loaded limbs that allow them to punch opponents from across the ring, special gloves let them set each other on fire, and one of the challengers is a mummy. With its newly-introduced quirky characters and a diverse arsenal of weapons, Nintendo's upcoming 3D fighting game puts a new spin on motion-controlled brawling.

The cast of Arms brims with colorful personality in the new character trailer below. Comprised of a springy everyman, peppy popstar, brooding ninja, undead menace, and mechanical genius, everyone brings their own unique fighting style to the ring. Whether it's Ribbon Girl's aerial acrobatics or Ninjara's smoke bomb teleportation, all the boxers have something that gives them an edge over their competitors.

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Combined with these individual powers are six specialized gloves boasting different effects. The Toaster weapon lights opponents on fire and deals continuous damage, while Sparky temporarily stuns them with electricity. Players can mix and match powers by wearing different glove types on their left and right hands. This adds a layer of experimentation to the combat as fighters test combinations like the Slapamander and Megaton or Boomerang and Revolver.

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Arms is set to release for the Nintendo Switch this Spring.

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