Watch Every Dragon Ball FighterZ Character’s Ultimate Attack

With our cover story on Dragon Ball FighterZ and month of content, we're hoping to answer a lot of the questions you have about the upcoming fighting game and offer new insight in the game and its development. But sometimes you just want to watch something cool. Check out the video below to see a compilation of every Meteor attack in the game, from the roster of characters that Bandai Namco has announced so far. Occasionally there's a wide shot of the destruction caused by these moves, and we wanted to point out that those occur when a character is downed from the attack and are not part of the attack itself. Also, the video features new music that will be in the game.

Check out the compilation below to see the super moves from SSGSS Vegeta and Goku, Tien, and many more.

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Watch Every Dragon Ball FighterZ Character's Ultimate Attack

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